Starlined is an elegant and challenging puzzle game set in a fantastical universe for you to explore. Each puzzle is a series of points and lines in 3D space, beautifully rendered as part of a wider universe. As the player completes the wide range of hand-created puzzles, more and more of the universe is revealed, unlocking new mechanics and puzzles. The players will discover how colours interact with their puzzles, find hidden anomalies, and finally break free from the third dimension as portals are introduced into the puzzles.

As you adventure through the stars, you can rescue wisps, who always do their best to help you solve the puzzles. Choose your sidekick from our growing cast and customize them to your liking!

Starlined is an honest game. This means it is a pay-once, non-exploitative game built with respect for its players. Offering itself on it’s own merits to players, giving them the the choice of engagement rather than exploiting them as a product.

Starlined will be available on Android and iOS soon.


Starlined is a game about joining the lines. This is done by choosing a starting point, then traversing from one star to the next. Be careful not to run out of moves, and choose your starting point carefully!

Some of these puzzles can get pretty complicated. Later on, you'll have to manage colours. You can only follow lines matching your current colour! Be careful, as you complete the links, you 'paint' the stars you visit. To make things even more fun, we escape the third dimension with portals. We hope you have as much fun solving our puzzles as we did making them.


Starlined isn’t quite ready yet, but will be available shortly on iOS and Android.

Drop us a mail at hello@starlined.com to get an invite into the beta!